Lämpöässä Vmi

Lämpöässä Vmi

Powerful ground source heat pump with an exellent hot water production

Full powered Lämpöässä Vmi

The full power Lämpöässä Vmi is especially suitable for use as the primary heating system of new and renovated residential buildings and secondary residences, as well as for condominium-specific heating in terraced houses and detached houses. Lämpöässä Vmi is a right choice when heatable area is larger and demand for domestic hot water is high. Lämpöässä Vmi allows heating, cooling and producing domestic hot water in a convenient, favourable and ecological manner all year round. A large 430 L hot water storage tank guarantees that there is always enough domestic hot water.

Full powered Lämpöässä Vmi
Control your ground source heat pump with ÄssäControl

Control your ground source heat pump with ÄssäControl

ÄssäControl control systems’ touch screen and function shortcuts make the use of a Lämpöässä easy. It is even possible to remote control and monitor the equipment over the Internet by the LAN or WLAN. There are cooling and solar connections as standard in Lämpöässä Vmi.

Made in Finland

Made in Finland

Lämpöässä ground source heat pumps are made in Finland. Lämpöässä has produced ground source heat pumps for harsh Finnish conditions already 30 years.
100% Geothermal heat

100% Geothermal heat

Full power Lämpöässä ground source heat pump produces all of the energy required for heating and hot domestic water without heating elements.
Parallel operation

Parallel operation

Parallel operation ground source heat pump produces heat and hot domestic water in a stable and simultaneous manner regardless of the circumstances.
Three circuit control

Three circuit control

Three circuit control facilitates real estate temperature control. One of the circuits can be used for controlling hot domestic water temperature. Accessory.


The ÄssäControl system allows controlling the Lämpöässä Vm ground source heat pump over the Internet. Accessory.
All inclusive

All inclusive

Lämpöässä’s comprehensive delivery package spares the customers from unexpected additional expenses, and the product installation is quick and easy.

Technical specifications

Control system
Hot water storage tank
430 L
Dimensions, mm (w x d x h)
1020 x 700 x 1830
Weight, kg
Vmi 6: 422
Vmi 9: 426
Vmi 11: 440
Vmi 14: 450
Vmi 17: 458
Fuse, A
Vmi 6: 3 x 10 (16)
Vmi 9 - 17: 3 x 16 (20)
Vmi 11 1N~ : 32
Vmi 14 1N~ : 40
Power supply
Vmi 6-17: 400 V 3N~
Vmi 11: 230 V 1N~
Vmi 14: 230 V 1N~
Heating power kW, 35/55 °C (EN 14511)
Vmi 6: 8,44 / 7,75
Vmi 9: 10,44 / 9,82
Vmi 11: 12,39 / 11,45
Vmi 11 1N~: 12,14/11,20
Vmi 14: 15,64 / 14,47
Vmi 14 1N~: 14,98/13,65
Vmi 17: 17,75 / 16,71
COP 35/55 °C (EN 14511)
Vmi 6: 4,96/3,30
Vmi 9: 4,84/3,17
Vmi 11: 4,97/3,33
Vmi 11 1N~: 4,79/3,11
Vmi 14: 4,88/3,33
Vmi 14 1N~: 4,56/2,95
Vmi 17: 4,84/3,25
SCOP 35/55 °C (EN 14825 colder climate conditions)
Vmi 6: 5,24/3,88
Vmi 9: 5,13/3,83
Vmi 11: 5,29/3,99
Vmi 11 1N~: 5,10/3,80
Vmi 14: 5,31/4,02
Vmi 14 1N~: 4,97/3,73
Vmi 17: 5,22/3,96
Energy efficiency class of package, heating / DHW
Soundpower level
Vmi 6: 38
Vmi 9: 41
Vmi 11: 36
Vmi 11 1N~: 41
Vmi 14: 38
Vmi 14 1N~: 43
Vmi 17: 42
Area heated, m2
Vmi 6: 100 - 150
Vmi 9: 100 - 200
Vmi 11: 140 - 240
Vmi 14: 200 - 300
Vmi 17: 240 - 400
Utility / Technical room

A ground source heat pump can extract geothermal heat from soil, water system or a bore hole. The ground source heat pump unit consists of an integrated hot water storage tank, compressor unit, heat exchangers, closed refrigerant circuit and controlling system. The heat collection fluid in the ground circuit, the refrigerant and the water in the heating network never mix at any stage of the process. Heat is transferred between fluids using plate heat exchangers. More specific technical details can be found from Vmi manual: https://lampoassa.fi/en/products/brochures/


Energiamerkinta_pikkukuva_A+++_A+Package Lämpöässä Vmi 6 Product description

Energiamerkinta_pikkukuva_A+++_A+Package Lämpöässä Vmi 9 Product description

Energiamerkinta_pikkukuva_A+++_A+Package Lämpöässä Vmi 11 Product description

Energiamerkinta_pikkukuva_A+++_A+Package Lämpöässä Vmi 11 1x230V Product description

Energiamerkinta_pikkukuva_A+++_A+Package Lämpöässä Vmi 14 Product description

Energiamerkinta_pikkukuva_A+++_A+Package Lämpöässä Vmi 14 1x230V Product description

Energiamerkinta_pikkukuva_A+++_A+Package Lämpöässä Vmi 17 Product description

The ÄssäControl control system developed and manufactured by Lämpöässä is used in Vmi units by default. It allows controlling the operation of the entire geothermal energy system as concerns heating, hot domestic water production, and cooling alike. Thanks to touch screen and function shortcuts it is very easy to use ÄssäControl. The control system collects history data and analysis of this data allows more efficient and economical control over the entire system. There is also optional remote control available for ÄssäControl (WLAN, GPRS, fixed network), which enables remote monitoring of the system.

Additional accessories available for Vmi-model pumps:

Control system for multiple heating circuits

The standard package of a Lämpöässä geothermal heat pump includes a control system for one heating circuit. A control system for two or three heating circuits is also available, enabling different areas within the household to receive heating water of different temperatures. For instance, one temperature for floor heating and the other for a radiator network, or one temperature for the humid rooms and the other for the rest of the household.

Delivery package for two heating circuits includes in addition to standard delivery also pre-installed control system application, valve actuator, the actuator mounting kit, three-way valve, A-energy class heating circuit pump and flow sensor.

Remote access of ÄssäControl

The heat pump unit’s remote access allows the user to monitor and control the operation of the geothermal heat system via the Internet with e.g. a tablet or a smart phone. Remote access is possible in many different ways: via a wired cable web connection, via a WLAN modem or 3G. In addition, ÄssäControl is available with a remote alarm function in case of possible disturbances.

ÄssäControl DPV room sensor

The room temperature sensor measures the current room temperature, according to which it adjusts the temperature in the direction of the desired set temperature, keeping the room temperature nicely even.