Geothermal heat is a good investment

Switching to the geothermal heat is a good investment!

Steadily rising energy prices makes geothermal energy increasingly the best option considering overall costs for producing heating and domestic hot water. When comparing prices and efficiency, geothermal heat is an excellent choice also for maintaining and raising the value of a property. Geothermal heating is an ideal solution for a detached house, a townhouse, apartment building, schools, factories, agricultural purposes etc. A geothermal energy system is a safe investment into the future!

Comparison of heating costs (conditions in Finland)

Heating method Oil Geothermal heat
Heating energy kwh/year 22 400 22 400
Efficiency SCOP 0,80 5,00
Bought energy kWh/year 28 000 4 480
Energy price* c/kWh 7,4 12,0
Heating costs € / year 2 072 538


Information of reference building Energy needed in reference building
Surface area 160 m2 Heating 17 600 kWh / year
Space heated 430 m3 Domestic hot water 4 800 kWh / year
Inhabitants 4 persons Altogether 22 400 kWh / year


Energyprice in Finland

**Follow the price of oil here